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C-337 O-2 Skymaster - Golden Hawk Mk I and Mk II
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C-337 / O-2 Super Skymaster Conversion


  • A Proven, Combat Aircraft as a Base Platform

  • Remanufactured Airframe (Zero-Timed)

  • Factory New Engines - FAA STC Approval Applications Underway

  • 205+ hp Diesel Engines (Front and Rear)

  • Centerline Thrust for Improved Engine-Out Performance

  • Two-Seat and Five/Six-Seat Options

  • Wingtip and Extended Range Fuel Tanks

  • 12 Hour Normal/Economy Cruise Endurance

  • Engines run on Jet A, TS-1 or Diesel Fuel, or any mixture thereof (not 100LL AvGas) with no modification or settings switch on the engines

  • Garmin GNS-530A GPS Moving Map (and NAV/COM/ILS) and High-End Avionics Package

  • Custom Cockpit Panel and Radios (UHF/VHF)

  • Command Pilot Bubble Observation Window (side)

  • Copilot Sidewall Windows (on door and nose)

  • Armored Command Pilot and Copilot Seats

  • Horton STOL Kit for Enhanced Performance

  • Gear Door STC for Enhanced Safety

  • Operating Costs of Less Than $250 per Hour

  • Optional FLIR System on Under Wing Mount

  • Optional Lightweight PolyArmor for Engines and Cockpit

  • Optional Track24 or CommTech Transponder for full integration into Tapestry

  • Optional Air Conditioning

  • Optional Oxygen System

  • Optional Anti-Icing Wing and Prop Boots

  • Under Wing Weapons Hard Points on Mk II Platform (O-2)


The O-2 SKYMASTER / GOLDEN HAWK MK I and MK II is a twin-engine, centerline thrust utility aircraft with 12 hours of endurance and 187 knot cruise airspeeds.

The Golden Hawk Mk I (C-337 chassis) and Mk II (O-2 chassis) are an exclusive modification to one of the world's most capable and versatile light Forward Air Control (FAC) militarized aircraft, the Cessna 337 Skymaster, also known through its military designation, the Cessna O-2 Super Skymaster. This aircraft was the mainstay of the FAC community during the Vietnam War, flying thousands of combat missions marking targets and coordinating air attack missions as a forward air controller (FAC), doing utility work and performing light reconnaissance.

Today, TF Hawk has taken this superb aircraft and upgraded it across the board, combining modern avionics and lightweight PolyArmor with extended range tanks and the new, soon to be FAA certified Delta Hawk diesel engine. These engines run on either Jet A (or GOST standard TS-1 jet fuel) or truck diesel fuel, thereby eliminating the need to secure a reliable stockpile of 100LL AvGas to support the aircraft's operations.

The Delta Hawk engines and other modifications that TF Hawk makes to the aircraft together yield much higher performance than the USAF Cessna O-2 Super Skymaster. For instance, the upgraded aircraft enjoys an unprecedented 12 hours of endurance, making it a highly cost-effective alternative to UAVs, performing the same missions at a fraction of the cost. In addition, the aircraft can successfully perform its mission even on the hottest summer days in the desert.

The Golden Hawk conversion is revolutionary, taking a proven, capable combat aircraft and turning it into an upgraded, high performance platform, ready and able to undertake a wide range of missions and roles to support security operations worldwide.

All new avionics, a standard Garmin GNS-530A GPS Moving Map (and NAV/COM/ILS) and more are equipped on all of TF Hawk's aircraft, as well as UHF and VHF radios, providing the full spectrum of communications options for military or civilian applications (including law enforcement operations).


  • Day/Night Area Surveillance

  • Maritime Surveillance

  • Search and Rescue Support

  • Reconnaissance (Low or Middle Altitude)

  • Night Operations

  • Counter-Insurgency

  • Forward Air Control

  • Utility Transportation

  • Pipeline Patrol

  • Border Patrol

  • Railroad Track Patrol

  • Convoy Over Watch

  • Maximum Speed: 207 kts (384 km/h)

  • 75% Cruise @ 20,000 ft: 187 kts (347 km/h)

  • Maximum Endurance: 12 hours

  • Rate of Climb (at Sea Level): 2,100 fpm (640 m/min)

  • Rate of Climb (Single Engine Only, at Sea Level): 720 fpm (220 m/min)

  • Certified Ceiling: 25,000 ft (7,620 m)

  • Takeoff Distance at Max Gross Weight: 830 ft (253 m)

  • Takeoff Distance over 50 ft Obstacle: 1,275 ft (389 m)

  • Landing Distance: 700 ft (213 m)

  • Landing Distance over 50 ft Obstacle: 1,600 ft (488 m)

  • Gross Weight: 5,100 lbs (2,313 kg)

  • Empty Weight: 2,865 to 3,100 lbs (1,300 kg to 1,406 kg), depending on configuration

  • Useful Load: 2,135 lbs (968 kg)

  • Fuel Capacity: 166 gal

  • Normal Crew: 2 pilot

  • Max Crew: 2 pilot, 4 passengers

  • Engines: Delta Hawk Diesel (2 each)

  • Propellers: 78 inch, 3 Blade, Constant Speed

  • Stall Speed: 55 kts (102 km/h)


All performance figures are provided based on a standard configuration and option package, without the FLIR device and standard PolyArmor only. Any more extensive modifications may add weight and thus change performance.


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