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A-37 Dragonfly &
T-37 Tweety Bird Conversion


  • A Proven, Military Light Attack Jet Aircraft as a Base Platform

  • Remanufactured Airframe (Full Zero-Timed)

  • Factory New Upgraded (more powerful and more efficient) Jet Engines

  • Higher engine efficiency extends range, endurance and loiter time

  • Engines run on Jet A or TS-1

  • Increased reliability and lower maintenance overhead

  • Garmin GNS-530A GPS Moving Map (and NAV/COM/ILS) and High-End Avionics Package

  • Custom Cockpit Panel and Radios (UHF/VHF)

  • Ejection Seats (Both Pilots)

  • Full Oxygen System

  • Optional PolyArmor Floor Protection

  • Optional Track24 or CommTech Transponder for full integration into Tapestry

  • Under Wing Weapons Hard Points with extensive weapons load-out capability


The A-37C DRAGON HAWK is a twin-engine, centerline thrust light fighter jet aircraft with max speeds of 440 kts and a vast armament load-out capability, making it an ideal counter-insurgency aircraft.

The A-37C Dragon Hawk is an exclusive modification of one of the world's most versatile light attack jets, the A-37B Dragonfly. The A-37B saw action as both a ground attack aircraft and with the Forward Air Control (FAC) community during the Vietnam War for the USAF and other regional air forces. Primarily flying counter-insurgency missions over South Vietnam against the Viet Cong, the A-37B was the result of the rapid development of the USAF's primary trainer, the T-37, pressed into service and tested in the field in combat. Ultimately, the plane would fly well over ten thousand combat missions with the USAF and as a main line combat aircraft of the South Vietnamese Air Force.

TF Hawk's design concept is revolutionary, adding decades to the potential service life of this aircraft. Our firm has taken the design of this superb aircraft and upgraded it with new increased thrust engines, replacing the older twin 1293-kg (2,850-lb) dry thrust General Electric J85-GE-17A turbojets.

In addition, TF Hawk adds modern avionics and, on request, additional lightweight PolyArmor. This gives the aircraft better fuel efficiency, more power, higher climb rates, more reliability -- as the engines selected for this upgrade package offer far greater performance and longer time between overhauls and major maintenance cycles.

By adding new engines and new avionics, the aircraft will have far greater capabilities than it currently offers, further enhancing its operational mission. Already, the small profile, narrow wing and agility of the airplane make it a superb aircraft for close air support and ground attack, where its size make it a more difficult target for ground fire.

Through incorporating and engineering new generation, modern jet engines, TF Hawk's conversion gives the plane much greater range, increased endurance and significantly more loiter time.


  • Day/Night Area Surveillance

  • Ground Attack

  • Counter-Insurgency

  • Fast FAC -- Forward Air Control

  • Border Patrol

  • High Speed Reconnaissance

  • Observation

  • Maritime Security -- Airborne QRF

  • Surveillance

  • Search and Rescue Support

  • Night Operations

  • Combat Operations

  • Maximum Speed: 440 kts (815 km/h)

  • Maximum Range: 460 miles (740 km) (with 4,100 lb. external weapon load) Clean: 1010 miles (1,625 km)

  • Weights:
    - Empty 6,211 lb (2,817 kg)
    - Max Takeoff: 14,000+ lb (6,350+ kg)

  • Armament:
    One 7.62-mm (0.3-in) GAU-2B/A Mini-Gun six-barrel machine-gun
    Provision for more than 2,268 kg (5,000 lb) of bombs, rocket-launcher pods, gun pods and other tactical stores on eight under wing hard points


All performance figures are provided based on a standard configuration and option package, without the FLIR device and standard PolyArmor only. Any more extensive modifications may add weight and thus change performance.


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