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C-337 O-2 Skymaster  Golden Hawk Mk I and Mk II
A-37 Dragonfly  Dragonhawk
U-21C King Air  King Air Hawk


TF Hawk presently is offering three proven military aircraft to address a range of international, military and security needs, such as counter-insurgency, convoy patrol, pipeline patrol, security operations, border management, electronics and signals acquisition, maritime security and cargo transportation, close air support, target designation and utility roles.
  • O-2 SKYMASTER / GOLDEN HAWK MK I and MK II - a twin-engine, centerline thrust utility aircraft with 12 hours of endurance and 187 knot cruise airspeeds that is ideal for border patrol, maritime surveillance, forward air control, counter-insurgency and pipeline patrol.

  • U-21 KING AIR / KING AIR HAWK - a twin-turboprop, utility cargo and passenger transport aircraft that can be field configured for VIP transportation, squad-level unit movements, light cargo transportation and regional air liaison.

  • A-37 DRAGONFLY / DRAGON HAWK - a high speed, twin-engine, light attack jet, ideal for counter-insurgency and can also perform close air support, FAC, patrol, SAR support and ground attack missions.


TF Hawk has pioneered a new approach to aircraft acquisition and military air integration, providing an "all-in," programmatic approach to deploying, upgrading and maintaining aircraft overseas.

TF Hawk's program involves:
  • Acquisition, remanufacturing, customization and upgrade of military-type aircraft for foreign air forces and security operations

  • Initial training and recurrent training for pilots and flight crew members

  • Initial training and recurrent training for ground support and maintenance

  • Extensive spares package with acquisition

  • Spares supplied on demand and on cycle-based dates

  • Recurrent refurbishment of every aircraft -- either every two years or based on the number of cycles/hours of utilization, or on demand, thereby ensuring that the aircraft are kept in full operational condition.

  • Ab initio pilot training for foreign air forces, interior ministry organizations, police, border protection and maritime surveillance organizations

  • Organizational consulting and leadership training programs

  • Extensive remanufacturing and upgrade capabilities at our own facilities (in Missouri), allowing us to remanufacture and zero-time all of the airframes, as well as mount new engines and make engine design changes, and make airframe and power plant modifications and upgrades to meet virtually any request or requirement -- all in-house.

    TF Hawk's program is a partnership - not just an airplane. This is the key difference between this aircraft and other options available in the marketplace. TF Hawk will be there, with you, for the entire life cycle of the aircraft, including helping you and your team from the point of initial training to annual, recurrent training of the flight crews and ground personnel and in helping develop and stabilize the organizational framework of the squadrons themselves.

    Another critical factor in TF Hawk's program and aircraft is that all of our aircraft come with complete military flight and operational manuals, which greatly enhances their value to any air force or ministry entity that acquires them.


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